Champions of our own Success

Champions of our own success

Enrolling 5th - 6th Grade for 2020-21

-November 1-

Our Mission

San Antonio Preparatory Charter School provides a college preparatory education through high quality instruction and rigorous curriculum in a challenging and supportive learning environment ensuring all students in grades 5-12 graduate college and succeed in the careers of their choice.




San Antonio/Converse, TX 78109

(210) 473-2698

Our Model


Every middle school class will have two teachers of record. Teacher one teaches ELA and History. Teacher two teaches Math and Science. Our teacher ratio is 1:28 compared to 1:100.

High quality instruction

High quality teachers deserve high quality coaching and development. Teachers will receive weekly professional development and extended summer training.

Extended school day & year

Our school day is from 7:30AM to 4:30PM. We believe that every minutes matters and additional minutes improve student achievement.

high expectations

We believe that all students deserve a high-quality, college preparatory education, with a focus on literacy and mathematics in middle school, college preparatory work in high school, and the development of 21st century digital literacy skills in all grades.

Deeper learning model

We focus on critical thinking, communication, collaboration, academic mindsets, and learning how to learn, all through the implementation of rigorous content.


We have organized our middle school schedule to include 150 daily minutes of literacy instruction and 125 daily minutes of math instruction broken into multiple class periods.


Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.
— Nelson Mandela


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